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car price

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looking for a 3s, twin turbo.. ok i know where to find blue book value and stuff. this is prob. a dumb question.. but how much is a lil too cheap for one of these cars with around 100k miles on it?
also how high can you turn up the boost on all stock parts?
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I'm not sure I would spend less than about $7-8K, if you want a nice one, more like about $10K. It depends on what the condition is. I think you can boost up to 14psi on stock parts. Someone want to back me up on that?
You can boost up to 15 psi on stock parts .... but people have experienced knock at 13.5 others nothing at 15. It vary from a car to an other. Most people says that you can boost safely up to 14-14.5 psi
i saw in one of your other replys talking about a bleeder valve..
what the heck is that? ive heard of it but never heard what it is.. is that like something instead of a boost controller?
I bought my 91 VR4 a month or 2 ago... I bought it for $9000.... it's like 112000 miles on it... pretty good deal...but there are something that need to be fix though..... and I just changed my clutch... cost me labor and the clutch itself around $800 .... good ones are around $10,000 just like bios said....
yep dude your looking at an easy 10-12 grand for a good vr4/twin turbo. although if you want to do a bit of hany work yourself you can find one for cheaper.
quote from Beast :
bleeder valve bleeds pressure out of the lines that go to
your wastegates to let more boost creep into the plenum.

That can be anything that let some pressure escape, can be a 3$ aquarium gang valve from Walmart or a real MBC (more $$) but that's the same idea :

You fool your system to believe there is less boost than there is actually.

Make a search on bleeder valve, there are tons of posts about this.

Side note: also buy a boost gauge to avoid overboosting
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