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Cant get my cd player to work

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I bought a new Alpine cd player to replace my factory tape deck. When I removed the factory deck, there is the usual wiring harness, the antenae plug, a smaller "wiring harness" ( I dont know what is goes to) and a smaller "banana plug ( dont know what this is for either)
I bought a wiring harness to plug my Alpine into the cars plug, and wired it up according to the instructions, but it doesnt have a black ground wire on my new plug, so I assume I have to wire it to the vehicle chasis. Any suggestions where? Also I cant get the power to come on even when I hold it down and grounded. How can I test the cd player to see if it works? What am I doing wrong?
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The smaller wiring harness I believe has all the speaker (-) terminals. While the larger has the powers and speaker (+). I'm not sure what the banana plug you're talking about is, perhaps steering wheel controls? As for ground, I put mine to one of the screws that holds the radio in.

Do you have the inifinity? That might change the ball game. I don't know jack about the factory infinity system.
Thanks for the help, the location for the ground wire is a good idea, and I bet your right about the steering wheel controls too. The small plug though only has two yellow wires going to it. I think it might be the factory ground wires, cuz I tested them and they arent hot. I cant think of anything else unless they are the steering wheel controls, which brings up the question about the banana plug again. I guess Ill just have to try different things and hope I dont blow up my car. Thanks!
CALL THE MANUFACTURER!!!! They have tech service that will help you if you bought it new and are usually VERY helpful for specific installation. That way you won't void your warranty by "experimenting".
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