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One of my friends that is a girl is looking at a 3000gt for sale (we need another woman owned 3/S car :) )...i need someone to run up the VIN for me. it's a 94 auto with 103k for 4,500. sound like a good deal??

Here's the number


thanks alot!!


just post the results here..or email me at [email protected]

whichever one is easier for you.

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anybody out there????????

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Here ya go buddy.

Country Mfg.: JA3AM54J6RY010814
1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT
2D H/B Minicompact car
3.0L 24V DOHC V6 MFI
Front-wheel Drive

GOOD NEWS! Carfax search results confirm this 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT (JA3AM54J6RY010814) qualifies for the Carfax $5,000 Clean Title History Guarantee. Carfax analyzed this vehicle's title history to determine if any title documents were designated or marked with the following problems:

Problem Titles Checked: Results:
Salvage/Junk Checked - No Salvage/Junk Title Found
Rebuilt/Reconstructed Checked - No Rebuilt/Reconstructed Title Found
Flood Damage Checked - No Flood Damage Title Found
Damage Disclosure Checked - No Damage Disclosure Found
Manufacturer Buyback (LEMON) Checked - No Manufacturer Buyback Found
Exceeds Mechanical Limits (EML) Checked - No EML Found
Not Actual Mileage (NAM) Checked - No NAM Found

NOTE: Click here for a complete Carfax Glossary.

GOOD NEWS! Carfax search results on this 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT (JA3AM54J6RY010814) did not uncover a potential odometer rollback. Carfax analyzed this vehicle's reported odometer readings to determine if any reading is less than a previously reported reading.

Date Reported: Odometer Reading:
06/27/1994 12


01/06/1998 40,713


06/04/1998 40,787


11/13/2000 87,000

GOOD NEWS! Carfax search results on this 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT (JA3AM54J6RY010814) did not uncover any of the following problems:

Problems Checked: Results:
Accident Checked - No Accident Record Found
Salvage Auction Checked - No Salvage Auction Record Found
Failed Emissions Inspection Checked - No Failed Emissions Record Found
Fire Damage Checked - No Fire Damage Record Found
Crash Test Vehicle Checked - No Crash Test Vehicle Record Found
Grey Market Vehicle Checked - No Grey Market Vehicle Record Found
NOTE: Click here for a complete Carfax Glossary.

Carfax search results on this 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT (JA3AM54J6RY010814) identify the types of state motor vehicle department registrations, other than private, that appear in this vehicle's history.

Registrations Checked: Results:
Lease Checked - No Lease Registration Found
Rental Checked - No Rental Registration Found
Government Checked - No Government Registration Found
Taxi Checked - No Taxi Registration Found
Fleet Checked - No Fleet Registration Found
Commercial Checked - No Commercial Registration Found
Non-Profit Checked - No Non-Profit Registration Found

NOTE: Click here for a complete Carfax Glossary.

The Carfax database contains a total of 5 vehicle history records on this 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT (JA3AM54J6RY010814):


06/27/1994 12 Illinois
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Peoria, IL
Title #N7468371
Title issued
First lien reported


01/06/1998 40,713 Auto Auction
Vehicle offered for sale


01/13/1998 Auto Auction
Vehicle offered for sale


06/04/1998 40,787 Illinois
Motor Vehicle Dept.
McHenry, IL
Title #T8155153002
Title issued


11/13/2000 87,000 Illinois
Inspection Station
Grayslake, IL
Passed emissions inspection



Click here for a complete Carfax Glossary.

You have significantly reduced your risk of purchasing a vehicle with a hidden problem. However, Carfax has not inspected this vehicle. There could be other potential problems with this vehicle that have not been reported to Carfax.

Not all titles issued represent a change in vehicle ownership. For example, a title could be issued to reflect an address change or correction.


A Three-Year, Transferable Protection Plan

Carfax's $5,000 Guarantee confirms this 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT (JA3AM54J6RY010814) has a Clean Title History. This certificate is valid for three years from date of issue, and is transferable!

Carfax $5,000 Clean Title History Guarantee Terms:

Vehicle ID Number (VIN): JA3AM54J6RY010814
Year/Make/Model: 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT
Issue Date:
Expiration Date: 11/06/2004

Three-year Protection Plan:
During the next three years, should you discover a problem title in this vehicle's history which was not included in this Carfax Report, Carfax will pay you 10% of the vehicle's wholesale value - up to $5,000!

Transferable Protection:
This Guarantee is transferable should you sell this vehicle prior to the Guarantee expiration date. The new owner receives the same protection plan coverage for the balance of the Guarantee's term.

*Carfax agrees to pay to the holder of this report 10% of the wholesale value of the car, up to $5,000 if Section 2 of this report indicates a Clean Title History and a Problem Title actually exists for this vehicle. A Problem Title is defined as a passenger motor vehicle ownership document issued by the state that bears the word or symbol signifying that the vehicle was salvaged or junked; rebuilt or reconstructed; flood damaged; disclosed as damaged; bought back by the manufacturer; odometer exceeds mechanical limits; odometer was not the actual mileage; or any other symbol or word of like kind. Guarantee Certificate along with corresponding full report must be presented in order to be eligible for payment.

View complete Terms and Conditions.

In appreciation for your business, we offer our valued customers additional useful services and auto-related savings opportunities. Here are several special offers provided by Carfax and our selected partners to further assist you in the car buying process.

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awesome. thanks a BUNCH!!!

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