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Can Someone HELP!!!!

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I have been to countless repair shops and they have all said the same Thing"There is nothing wrong with your car".
Then why do I get a really strange rubbing sound comming from the lower front of the car (About the transmission/passenger wheel side of the car) its pretty promient while driving but really audible when taking a left hand curb.(You can feel it in the floor boards)
Does anybody know what this might be? The car is an auto,2 wheel drive I never had work done to the Tranny(It's not the brakes I already checked them)
It also feels that it might be slowing down faster when I take my foot off the gas (Feels like it's dragging)
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!:confused:
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could be many things

There's a multitude of things that could be wrong with your car.

Worst case scenario is that you have frame damage. Did you hit a curb ?

Another possibility is that one of your calipers is sticking. Since it happens when you take a left, you should probably assume somethings not fitting correctly or something is rubbing.

My humble suggestion would be to get someone to move the steering wheel to the left while its on the rack. See if you can replicate the problem while there's a mechanic underneath.
Good luck dude.
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