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Can a rim be fixed?

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One of my rims has been curbed pretty bad and needs to be replaced or fixed. Are there places that will fix a rim? How much does it cost? It's tweeked just enough to make my steering wheel jiggle like crazy! Thanks guys.
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Wheels America

Wheels America fixed mine for $100. Look in the back of Car and driver, or motorweek for an add. Shop around some places charged 3 times as much!

They will fix it in one day and UPS it back to you the next day.

I had this done 4 years ago and the wheel is fine. If you look closely you can see were the powder coat id bubling a little but after 4 years of salty Indiana winters thats not bad.
If there is a crack in the rims lip, and it is parallel to the edge of the rim, they can not be fixed (or so TheHubcapAndWheel store told me).
Most rims can be fixed if they are bent or have some abrasions...but as stated if cracked..the structural integrity is compromized. Some places my repair it or "claim" to...but it is UNSAFE.
Fiasco, that has got to be the coolest pic in a sig I've ever seen. How did you make it ripple like that?
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