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burning cds help! computer buffs

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heres the deal every time I download MP3's from it downloads fine but when i use ez cdcreator to burn as a audio cd it only displays or burns 1/4 of the length of the song .
I upgraded my cd softare to 4.05 still happens I listen to the mp3 again and noticed it can play the full song but there is noticable gaps less then a second when it played.(squeeks and shit)
Is there any utility that can repair mp3 files so the full length of the song can be burned?
oh I use download accelerator to d/l the songs
(my theroy is that the gaps are the prob iwas thinkin of using mixmeister to edit the mp3 but i want to know if any one else has encountered this)

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Some MP3s confuse the programs that burn directly from MP3 to CDA. Convert it to WAV first, then write it to your CD. Works every time!
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