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I just had a problem with an engine we swapped last weekend and it "hissed" allover the engine. Unfortunately, the problem was the intake plenum as it cracked at one of the throttle cable holder and leaked under pressure. But it was very visible.

In your case, I'd replace all hoses (good time to dress up, hehe) with correctly following the drawing in the manual. Also remove and inspect the BPV and the y-pipe. Especially check the y-pipe if the nipple is broken or the sealing has cracks.

For the wastegates you must loosen the WG actuator mounting bolts, then remove the securing spring at the wastegate handle and then lift it off. The nut is only there to secure the lever and it mus be loosen first. Then open and closing the wastegate should be very easy. Adjust the lever so the WG is fully closed but not under too much pressure from the spring in the actuator. I do not think that they are unbalanced but maybe not adjusted. Doing the job at the rear turbo is almost inpossible but with the intake plenum removed you should have more room.

For testomonials, use a handpump that is able to hold 6 psi and apply the pressure to the wastegate line with BOTH actuators attached. Then around 3-5 psi the actuators start to move the levers. Use a mirror on the rear side to see this. They should move simultanusly. If not, one is having a problem then.

Good luck,
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