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brand new apexi avcr - 340 shipped!!

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Hey guys,

I won the bid on this, but I just got a big speeding ticket and I cant afford the boost controller anymore. It is brand new. The guy selling it on ebay has an amazing record for selling. He owned a speedshop and it closed, thats why hes selling it so quickly. I told him i would paypal him today, so if nobody is going to buy it from him, I will (im gonna be broke though). So basically im just being nice to you guys.. first one who emails me gets teh guys email address. [email protected]
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OH OH!!!!

Did I win??! :)
i sent you an email!! damn i want this but damn i cant afford it!! 113 in an 80 (km/h)

its 340 shipping included which is such a steal!! HERE in canada its like 700$ US!!

Hey, how the heck did you get a VR4 in Canada??? How much could that ticket be dude, not that much faster than speed limit [not 115 mph in 85.. ;)] ???
And hey,

Why the hell do you have a Greddy boost controller "coming" in your sig, when you almost bought an Apexi, and NOW you won't get anything????????????
oops i need to update...

no more greddy
no more blitz

as you can see i need $$$

MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL MINE!~ HEHEHE< MINE YES! :)

Ok - but I already talked to the guy selling it on Ebay at 2:30 - so eat it. Ha. No just kidding, but I DID contact the guy - thanks Leo!
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