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boost controller

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im getting ready to get my electronic boost controller, anyone have any suggestions on which one is the best.

im looking hard at the Apexi AVC-R, any comments?
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Turbo magazine did an article in one of the past issues on EBCs. The Blitz SBC id was ranked the best of the four tested (hks, greddy, apex, blitz). The AVC came out third behind the blitz and the greddy (i think). The blitz SBC iD has more features (boost guage, fuzzy logic learning modes, overboost warning and limiter, etc). Plus it will hold 36 psi of boost. In my opinion (and I'm not claiing to be an expert) the Blitz is a better buy even if it costs a bit more.

Blitz is Best. I have not heard anything good about the Apexi, except that it looks pretty.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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