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Hey guys,

I believe I am running the stock amount of boost (9psi?) and yes, I do have an aftermarket boost guage.....I haven't driven the car in about a good month, due to back in July a technician at a local tranny shop, went 60mph in it around a turn and wrecked it! So, it has actually been in the process of getting fixed all since july! Now, I have a guy replacing the wate rpump and timing belt due to a nasty coolant leak (was the water pump). Maybe I can have my guy check the gap on the plugs as you suggested....anything else? The lag at the top end is really annoying and prevents me from getting that "go-fast" feeling really is a drag because it doesn't happen all the time - only about 60 percent of the time.....could it be the plugs? Can I regap my current ones? I do notice that with the boost controller active, the lag is present all the time...... I am not even sure what model HKS boost controller I have...It was in the car when I bought it, and it is not listed on any websites currently as being for sale....all other stuff, I did to the car (new 18" GT1 Wheels/tires, new front left intercooler, new rebuilt tranny w/new hi-po clutch, water pump, all belts replaced, 67k miles (1991 Stealth TwinTurbo)....anyways, I am trying to get info on the boost controller, but can't, due to it being mounted in the glove box, with no show of stickers/tags for the model has Low/High/Manual buttons, along with a dial (labeled "Volume") to the right of the buttons that requires the Manual button be pressed in to use (I am guessing so you can adjust, MANUALLY, the volume of air)......please help if you know anything about this boost controller, and if so, what are the settings for (Low/high/Manual)? Forgive me, but I know little about these cars and am learning daily! Please let me know!!

Valparaiso, IN


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