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Boone gathering underway..

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Tonight, we met at the famous "Mom's Restaurant".. so famous, in fact, that it is closed down indefinately.. it got too popular.. trying to park caused traffic jams, the population of Boone would increase around dinner time roughly by 4.67%..

So anyway.. first thing first.. take pictures of local ricers... Earlier in the day, Stephen aka Deathsled took some ricer pictures, and finished up with me taking two not so good pictures of a riced out Civic hatchback, with mufflers painted red to match his bodykit.. :(

Then, the evening took us to Long John Silvers.. we learned one thing about eating at Long John Silvers.. never to eat there again.

So after dinner, we parted ways... so maybe tomorrow it'll be more than just Stephen and myself.. :)

See you around 10 am guys.. :D
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yah check out this sweet ass ride i found earlier today..

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hey that car looks worse than mine!
yeah atleast your bumper is primer, hehehehe

oh yeah, the back has an SI-R badge, heheehe

too bad i didnt get pics of this suzuki esteem, you'll sh*t ur pants...
hey, my bumpber isnt primer! Its just an off red. I'm not that bad!!!!!!!!

Hope y'all have fun tomorrow, watch out for a guy named Doug di93es. He is a goof.
i meant isnt :D

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