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Today I was driving, and some guy hit my car, fucked up the left front end of my bumper, popped my blinker out of place and broke it, and messed up the front left panel. Any idea how much the stock parts cost to replace? The other guy was at fault so he has to pay, but I want to explore some options first.


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that bastard

It's all his fault, call his insurance. The parts will cost,

Front Bumper
Bumper Inserts Pair L+R (fins by foglights)
Headlamp Pair L+R
Corner Turn Signals Pair L+R
Chrome 3D Diamonds Emblem (2-1/8")

99 Conversion Package!
Bumper + Inserts, Headlights + Corner Lights L+R $1599.95

Oh - too bad for him ~ congradulations on the new 99 front end. They look nice! ;) :D

Actually I'd suspect the non-99 parts are almost exactly the same - so if you're not gonna try to get a 99 conversion out of the guy then just look at the prices for the individual pieces on 3SX's site and figure it'll be about the same.
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