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blow off valve set up

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I have a 95 vr4 with a blitz super sound blow off valve. When I installed I was hoping that it would be much louder than it was. I have heard of the coke cap trick to bypass the stock blow off valve since the blitz retains the stock BOV. The question I have is I thought about it and went to home depot and bought some galvinized metal plugs that fit into the tubes that the stock BOV connected to. Would these work instead of the coke caps? If I were to just insert one into each tube and then tighten them down with a clamp. What do the two connections do? are they needed and will pluging them cause any damgae? I heard that it makes the blitz BOV louder? Please help
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Ok, man take the stock one completelly out. The intake, plug it with engine caps sold at Autozone (3.50).
The hose that comes down fron the BOV itself, Cap that one to with the same type of cap, Make sure your BOV spring is tight enough. And vuala!!!! LOUD Blitz SSBOV. Also you can tale the little screen inside the horn of the valve off and then it will be too LOUD.
Good luck and let me know how you do.

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