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blow off valve questions

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I have a 95 vr4 and I have a intake and a blitz super sound blow off valve installed. I plan on adding more mods such as downpipe, exhaust, gut cats, boost controller, and eventually bigger turbos. The question that I have is I have heard cars whose blow off valves are really really loud. I can hear mine but I want it to be louder. How do I make my whoosh sound louder? I know that with the blitz I had to leave the stock blow off valve and just bypass it. It is still on there though. It is open atmosphere and not close loop. Would taking off the stock blow off valve make it louder or is it even possible. I have heard that it can cause the car to stall out sometimes. Does the screw on the top of the blitz blow off valve have anything to do with how loud the whoosh is? I need some help on this whole blow off valve thing. I have heard a mr2 with just the stock blow off valve and it was extremely loud. Please help
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I had the same problem with mine. The thing was barely louder than stock. I was running 14.5 PSI and open loop. So I traded for HKS and now its loud.. very loud..

my blitz is loud as shit. more boost the louder its going to get. i run 16-18lbs
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