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Blitz Product Group Buy

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Who would be interested in a possible group buy for Blitz Products(Boost Controllers, Turbo timers, etc...) Post here and if there is enough interest I will start one.

What we have so far:

12 BOV
9 Timer
4 Boost Controller
1 Power Meter

Looks like there is plenty of I will be starting this begining of next week. Probably monday or tuesday so keep checking back.
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I'm definately interested in getting some reduced price BOV action.

I am looking for a good price on a Blitz BOV
No boost controller?
go to and search for "blitz"

they have a good price on the dsbc-id
VERY VERY interested in Blitz Super Sound BOV!!
hell yeah

i would be interested as well, in both items!
Blitz in timer

Im down for a timer.
Let me clarify, I'm interested in a BOV kit for the VR4, not just a universal BOV. I'm also interested in a Power Meter ID.

if you can beat 90 $ for a timer, im in.
rt turbo said:
if you can beat 90 $ for a timer, im in.
Same Here
I'm in for the BOV too, how much you asking?
Looks like there is alot of interest....I will get prices and details for everyone soon...keep posting.
I want a boost controller
If I can get a few more people interested Im going to start this on Monday.
I want a BOV!!!!

Hey boostman were you at the OKC nats???? I'm one of the SCCoSW boys. :D
1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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