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Black '91 RT TT $4,800

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Black '91 RT TT $4,500

'91 Black with Red leather 102k miles

It has a cracked Transfer case, and it needs a clutch and a tune up.

I will post some pictures in a couple days when I get my digital camera working.

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I will post better pics in a couple days;)
still 4 sale

This RT TT is still for sale. If you want to see pictures I will email them to you. $4,500.

email me pics at [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

either one.

ill trade you a dirt bike 4 it
I am in Provo Utah and I will email you some pictures when I get home from work. The car looks very nice inside and out, especially for a '91.
Who wants a '94 supra spoiler? It is charcoal grey.
Re: Black '91 RT TT $4,500

213TwinTurbo said:
'91 Black with Red leather/B]
havent you heard those are rare!!!!!!!start at 70,000,hell i'll give you 20,000 and a kick in da nutz to boot!!!!!j/k:p..wuz up with that jewell crap any how?
Oh shit! Nevermind folks...Start the bidding at 50,000!
And what the fuck do you mean Jewel crap? Shes has the baddest voice of any chick...and I dig chicks with good voices.

I still listen to King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Sepultura, and megadeth and shit like that. Ever Heard of Stuck Mojo????
Now what the fucks with THAT!
well she IS hot and has big tits,i could care less about how she sings,unless of course she is singing in my bed! ;) :D we all doin?;) I will sell this car for $4,200. Good Lord.
I might be interested.. How much would it cost to get repaired? Is it beat to hell or is the motor still in descent shape and wont need a rebuilt for at least 30k.. Let me know.. email me at [email protected]
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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