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Best Spoiler for Stealth

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I have a 92 model Stealth ES, Pearl White and i was wondering what spoilers everyone likes on them, cause i need to make my decision here soon. Thanks Everyone
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or the veilside for the model 2 3000gt.

(interchangeable you know)
eww, quick, kill it..

If you're gonna get a spoiler like that, then spend money and get the good one, from Veilside.. some of the cheap immitations look just that way.. cheap!

I've got a stock 96 Stealth spoiler and I love it.
I have an APR DTM aluminum 1....the reason i got it, cuz it looked cool, and it was in my budget (under $200) if u cant see it in my sig, here's another pic.......


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Burn, where did you buy your spoiler?
from this place in arizona called HTA..i wouldnt recomend them tho, cuz it took them a month to get it in..(they waited 3 weeks to order it...damn bastards) but u can do a search in like yahoo for 'aluminum spoilers' and u should find it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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