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best place to get after mkt. engine upgrades

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I am looking for after market rods and pistons ror a good price. I am currently reworking my 92 vr-4 with aftermarket forget pistons and better rods.

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Crower builds forged rods titanium $456 ea. JE pistons or arias $1200/6
Stock crank should be ok. recommend balancing and radius and main bore align Nothing is cheap have fun

96 vr-4 520 hp no nos!!!
later, Dan

check out the thread it has a damn good deal on ross pistons.. and for only $74 you can get rings with them....
as far as rods I am just getting mine polished and shotpeened and maybe cryotreated.. they should be plenty strong with the forged pistons.
All the engine work is being done by myself and my neighbor. Pulling the bad boy this weekend. also needs a synchro for the trans. I am also wondering if the synchro comes aftermkt.
Yes there are aftermarket synchros, and they are the only replacement synchros available... I believe get in on this group buy!!! $800 shipped ross pistons with wrist pins, rings, and locks!! if we get more people it will be even cheaper... I too am pulling my motor this weekend and doing all the work myself,
how much hp can these pistons handle?
as much as you need you wont get much better pistons anywhere and it is a great price... for wrist pins, locks, and rings... and if we get 5 people even lower price... cant wait.. you will enjoy these pistons..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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