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My friend has a 93 Camaro that he claims has 420 at the flywheel, but i semi-don'tbelieve him. We raced twice , First time was on a hill and i took him of course at the start but then soon as i missed 2nd gear he flew by me.(yes i know very lame) I started catching up to him around 110 so he slowed down . at the next light we tried again which was a flat, This time he disapears out of the corner of my eye at the start and never comes back , we ran it up to around 100 again and slowed down because of a corner and an incoming light I had probably around 1-2 car lengths on him. He blaimed it on his bald tires. Even though he did a burnout to warmup his tires....
His best 1/8th mile time is 8.951 down at Qualcomm Stadium.
You think he has 420 to the fly or not ?
How much you guys tinhk I have to the fly?
I got a 1993 3000GT VR-4

my mods :
Stillen Air Intake
Greddy Catback 3" Exhaust
Blitz super sound BOV
new Y-Pipe and intercooler pipes
Aluminium balanced Flywheel
Stage 2 Racing Clutch
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