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Battery Light?

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Anyone know why my battery light stays on? I had to yank everything(battery, windshield washer resivour, air intake, MAS, Y-Pipe, one intercooler pipe) out to work on something the other day, but I am almost positive that i hooked everything back up right. the battery is brand new, and the icon that comes on looks like a battery that is half-full. Help?
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how would I check to see if it is?
It's the lowest right warning light. Try topping off your coolant & see if it goes away.
Nope. It 's the middle of the five right lights.(3rd up/down) It looks like a battery, but what would be wrong with my battery? Everything runs fine...just the light is on.
Half Full? No man, that's your Windsheild Wiper fluid level for sure. There is no half full battery symbol. The battery is in the middle lower bar (turn key without starting, you'll see the red battery with a '+' and '-' sign). The 3rd one down on the right side is the Wiper fluid according to the manual.

If you have fluid in there, you probably forgot to reattach the wiring harness to the reservior sensor that's all.
I am a complete dumb-arse! That is it. I dumped the washer fluid when removing it. I didnt know I had a sensor for that. I feel so stupid. The icon looked liked a battery so I assumed it was the battery. This proves what assuming does :) Thanks alot man!
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