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Just posting this as a tip to others.
Remove the cotter pin first obviously. To prevent the hub from rotating I put two lug nuts back on (to protect the threads) and use a large box end wrench:


This way you only have to jack the car up once.
I'm using a floor jack for the wrench to press on but you can use a block of wood or anything handy, or the ground if your car is sitting low enough.

An Impact wrench works well if you have one. But if you did, you probably wouldn't be reading this.

Other ways to stop the hub from rotating:
  • Have someone stand on the brakes
  • Insert a large screwdriver into one of the slots on the outside of the rotor, have it stop against the caliper (credit: [email protected] performance)
  • Remove the center cap from your wheel, reinstall the wheel and lower the car to the ground.
The nut is 32 mm, but a 1-1/4" socket works as well. Some people have broken 1/2" breaker bars trying to remove axle nuts, others always use 1/2" breaker bars with no problems. I'm using a 3/4" breaker bar in the pic above, it's not going to break. A cheater bar (piece of pipe) slipped over the breaker bar handle gives you more leverage (out of view of the pic above).
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