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Avenger reverse panel question

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if anyone has an avenger on this board I am in need of your help. Could you go and get me the measurement of the panel that contains the reverse lights(in between the tail lites).

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If you're thinking of putting it on your Stealth, it won't fit.

I've got a friend who has an Avenger. If I talk to him tonight I'll ask him to measure his for you.
i know that it wouldent be a direct bolt on but i was wondering if i could somehow make it work and also look stockish
It's too tall and too narrow. You'd have better luck fabricating one from scratch, or just painting your existing panel black.
i actually wanted to use it to replace my reverse lights in the bumper since i am thinking of doing a different bumper I may have to do a custom then
I wish I had a better answer for you. I think the Avenger style lens would look good, but it just won't fit. You'll probably have to get your stock reverse lights grafted onto the new bumper. It would be easier than doing a new taillight garnish though. What bumper are you thinking of going with?
i m thinking either a 99 conversion or about getting the veilside kit for the 99 3000 I want to keep my rear lights and get rei of the stock reverse lights
It won't fit, I had an Avenger before. Even though these cars look kind of similar to the Stealth, nothing will fit.
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