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Hey guys/gals I have had a couple of requests for instructions on how to set up this b/c on our cars. Below is a copy of an email I sent to the MKIV list about 3 months ago, the instructions are more oriented to a 6 speed (since the MKIV is a 6 cogger)

From: "russell furman" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun Sep 23, 2001 7:51 pm
Subject: [mkiv] AVC-R Instruc for TTC and Singles

Ok guys, as promised here are detailed instructions on how to tune the

Two notes to this...
1 These directions only work on cars in TTC or single/bigger twins
2 I will reference the pages of the instruc manual for everything

Step one, turn off learn gear by changing all the 0 for each gear to X (pg

Step two, set up gear judge (this is where is gets a bit complicated) IMHO
set up your second gear as first on the BC. This will help control boost
much better in 5th + 6th. (pg 34)

Step three, Set up your RPM NE points... IMHO since you guys do not have
small turbos like on my car, your NE1 point s/b 3K and then go up from
there. One note if you accidently change the next NE point down it will auto
down all other NE points. (pg 27)

Step Four, Set up you target boost ie 1.10kg and your base duty cycle ie
52%. (pg 25)

Step five, tune 4th gear (3rd on the AVC-R) so that you are hitting your
target boost on each NE point but not going over. Basically run the car from
3K to 3500 and increase or decrease the duty cycle for that NE point until
you hit your target boost but don't go over your target. Repeat this for
each NE point ie 3500-3999K 4-4499K etc etc etc... IMNSHO increase by 1% and
decrease by 2% (pg 25)

Step six, set up your start duty cycle for each gear. basically what happens
here is that the AVCR takes the set up you just did for 4th (3rd on BC) and
applys evenly across the board any increase or decrease in duty cycle % for
that gear. So put the car in 2nd (first on the BC) and run it through the
gear increase the start duty for that gear until you hit your target boost
in that gear with out going over the target. IMHO increase by 1% if under
and decrease by 2% if over (pg 30)

2nd and 3rd should not be that hard to do now 5th and 6th you may wanna do
those on a empty stretch of highway :)

Step seven, set up Feedback Speed Setting the higher a number you put here
the more aggressively the b/c trys to control over boost it sees. IMHO try
these values first and work from there. 1s 2 2n 3 3r 4 4t 4 5t 4 (pg

Now that covers everything if you have any questions or do not understand
something I said (I am not the best spoken person by any means) let me know
also please include in the reply the part you dont get.

Russ F.
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