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Hello everyone, I have been chasing an intake leak and finally got the 3SX tester plate to do a proper test. After performing it. There was a very obvious massive leak on the throttle body gasket where it connects to the plenum, by the BISS. After taking off the Throttle Body, I realized the previous owner (or whoever) had put it on the wrong way, leaving the BISS port exposed and not sealed. I got a kit from autozone that had plenum gasket, (installed) EGR, and the Throttle body gasket which I am putting in right now. I checked their website and asked the guy to make sure it would fit, as the plenum did. But when going to put it on there was very poor fitment and the only way it would even work was upside down and backwards. Attached is the picture in the best orientation that I could put it in, but even that leaves a large gap. If anyone knows if this is just how it is and worked for them, let me know. If not I will probably just put the OEM one back in properly and torque it down right. Thank you all.


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