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I'm posting this for Pat Madigan of SCMC/TCUSA and for George DiGregorio of the Baystate Corvette Club..

I believe there are still slots open for this SCMC/Track Club USA event on April 17. Here is the link: : Track Club USA announces SCMC/TCUSA on Track at Devens (Sat 17, Apr 2010) info at Devens Airfield, Ayer, MA 01434 (3076)

FYI: NESHOC is no longer running autocross events at the facility. Those dates have been taken over by the Bay State Corvette Club. Their first event is on May 2, and slots are available for that as well. The link: : Bay State Corvette announces BSCC Autocross 1 - 5/2/2010 (Sun 2, May 2010) info at Devens Airfield, Ayer, MA 01434 (7846)

It might be helpful to mention my group; NE-SVT has its next event on May 15. The link:

NE-SVT > Upcoming Events -

The three clubs are now sharing personnel and the brand new wireless timing system NE-SVT just bought. We are sharing the number pool, and the format will be identical for all three clubs with the exception of NE-SVT events providing lunch free of charge.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of the clubs, and if I can't answer them, I can at least point you in the right direction...
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