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Hey everyone! The location and date of this year's Australian National Gathering has been set! I'm wanting to keep you guys updated here too!

This post will contain most, if not all the details you need for ANG2018!

Dates: 26-28 October, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)

Location: Canberra, A.C.T - Wodonga, VIC, via the Snowy Mountains (overnight stay at Khancoban)

Details and Itinerary:

The “Bucket List” just got longer! This is a tri-state waypoint run that is not to be missed! It will satisfy the most ardent admirer of our magnificent country. It has everything that any GTO/3000GT/Stealth owner could ever want when driving our amazing cars.

This drive contains gentle sweeping roads; twisting technical sections and many types of roads that the many members may not have ever experienced. It will leave you wanting more and showcases some of this nation's best driver's roads! The visual experience of vast changes to landscape will delight. Stunning lake views, manicured farmland and the sweeping sights of The A.C.T that will leave you gasping.



I know some members will come early and stay on the Thursday night too, accommodation details are further down the post - Presently considering if it will be worth it for those that are here on the Thursday night to meet up for dinner or not. Many have already organized annual leave etc and booked accommodation too!

Fully appreciate that members are coming from faraway places of the cuuntry, many will probably join us in Canberra at varying times throughout Friday and I understand some may not be able to join til Saturday morning.

Might be a good idea to think about if any of you want to travel up in groups... Just a thought :)

NOTE: Times are indicative only, just to give everyone a rough idea of what to expect.

10AM(ish): Everyone that's here will meet atop Mount Ainslie, looking over Canberra, Parliament House and the Brindabella Mountains to the West. Great backdrop to meet and greet!

11AM(ish): Leave Mount Ainslie, drive to Corin Dam in the Brindabella Mountains. This drive takes about an hour and explores some great roads in the A.C.T into the Brindabella Mountains!

12PM(ish): Leave Cotter Dam for Moon Rock Cafe. Moon rock Cafe is situated in the foothills of the Brindabella Mountains, about 20 minutes from Cotter Dam, at the Deep Space Research Complex! A great spot to sit back with lunch with a nice view. A tourist centre is also right next door to wander through and have a look at!

AFTER LUNCH(whenever that may be): Drive to Murray's Corner, 15 minutes up the road for some photos. Members on Facebook have been requesting photos here, So figured we'd stop by!

AFTER PHOTOS: Drive back to accommodation. Estimated time to arrive back at accommodation is somewhere around 4-4:30PM. This gives everyone a chance to relax a bit before dinner/check in/get to know each other etc, especially for those still arriving and those who had been driving all day!

FRIDAY DINNER: Choices are plentiful here. The accommodation have a bar and bistro on site, there is also a pub 50 metres walk up the road. Another option could be to drive into the city...


I believe brekky will be at the accommodation before everyone leaves.

9:30AM - MEET AT OLD PARLIAMENT HOUSE. Have a chat, say hello to those who could only join us that morning, and snap some photos!

10:30AM - LEAVE CANBERRA, driving South along the Monaro Highway to Cooma. 120km(90mins).
This section is long, straight and cruisy, a great, relaxing start exploiting our cars' grand touring ability!

Hungry? Lunch at Cooma! Plans at this point for lunch are open. Will pick a place closer to the date.

12:30PM LEAVE COOMA, driving to Adaminaby, NSW. 53km(40mins)
This is the last opportunity to 98RON fuel for 150KM. We're stopping here for a 10 minute break for refreshments/toilets/fuel if you need it.

1:20PM LEAVE ADAMINABY, driving to Cabramurra, NSW. 55km(52mins)
Cabramurra is the HIGHEST town by elevation in the country, and houses mostly workers working for the Snowy Hydro Scheme. Making a quick stop here for toilet/smoko/etc. The road leading to, and leading out of, Cabramurra is extremely STEEP and TWISTY, traversing the Snowy Mountains area in the Kosciusko National Park.

2:20PM LEAVE CABRAMURRA, driving to Khancoban, NSW. 65km(70mins)
After traversing some of the most astounding alpine country, we will find ourselves in Khancoban, where we will be staying the night! This idyllic small town lies on the Western Fringe of the Kosciusco National Park

NOTE: Research suggests there is no 98RON fuel at Khancoban.

DAY 3 (SUNDAY, 28 OCT 2018)

KHANCOBAN: Planning on finding a bakery or cafe to start the morning! In a small town like that, one shouldn't be hard to find!

9:30AM LEAVE KHANCOBAN, driving to the locality of Shelley, Victoria. 70km(50mins)
Here we're stopping at a rest stop for a quick rest break of 10-20 minutes. Usual routine - Toilets, smoko etc.

10:40AM LEAVE SHELLEY, driving to Wodonga, Victoria, via the Hume Dam & Tallangatta.
We'll be driving the Scenic route of course... More open plains, winding, rolling hills, and crossing over Hume Dam.

At Wodonga, the plan is to find somewhere for a final lunch and goodbye, before heading back home!

That means that those in Melbourne and Sydney should both be home by dinner time Sunday night, although those in QLD may need to overnight somewhere. Wodonga is an easy exit point for the end of the cruise, the Hume highway runs through town, heading north to Canberra, Sydney, QLD - or South to Melbourne.

NOTE: Pack for potential cool weather. Khancoban can get fairly chilly at nights and the alpine region can still remain cool through the day. On the flipside, October can also be quite warm in Canberra and Wodonga. Monitor the forecasts.

GOOGLE MAPS LINK - ANG18 route!!2m2!1d146.8817639!2d-36.1240938!3e0?hl=en


FRIDAY NIGHT, 26TH OCTOBER (And Thursday night, 25th October for those coming in early)
Ibis Styles Eaglehawk Resort.

Located 15 minutes North of Canberra City, this large resort is set upon 30 acres of land nestled upon the rolling hills just North of Canberra, along the Federal Highway. With plenty of room for everyone to park our cars, and with an on site restaurant for dinner/brekky, this should suit everyone!

There are many types of rooms available, with different price points and features, just in case you want to bring friends/family along!

Also, there is a pub only 50 metres walk away, for those who are so inclined!

I encourage everyone to BOOK NOW! The earlier you book, the better chance at getting the room you want!

ibis Styles Canberra Eaglehawk (You can book online if you wish!)

(02) 6241 6033

LOCATION: (Google Maps link)!1s2018-07-15!8m2!3d-35.203884!4d149.209053

Khancoban Alpine Inn

Situated in the township of Khancoban, there is also a bar and bistro on site for us all to sit back and relax after exploring the mountains!

Again, I encourage everyone to BOOK NOW! Earlier the better!


Khancoban Alpine Inn

(02) 6076 9471

LOCATION: (Google Maps Link)!8m2!3d-36.218664!4d148.125654?hl=en

If you have any questions, let me know!

Under 16 weeks to go! Can't wait to see you of you there!

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Awesome write up, u cant beat the forums for true content.

This im going to have to look into! I haven't been myself since i missed the last ones...

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It'd be great to see as many of you there as possible!

We're still three and a half months out and already we have 12 members that have booked their accommodation for ANG! Another 7-8 have annual leave approved for the weekend but have yet to book. In total I have over 20 members indicate to me that they'll very likely be here, plus another 5 members who want to come but are waiting and seeing whether they actually can (E.G leave not approved, family events etc).

We have members coming from QLD, NSW, A.C.T, VIC and as of today possibly S.A too.

Early days, but I've been trying to get in contact with everyone individually to see who is intending on coming, and I think we'll end up with somewhere around 25-30 cars, most if not all GTO's.

Possibly the biggest ANG attendance ever? That's what I'm gunning for!
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