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Hey guys, since us aus guys are a unique and rather small bunch I thought i'd start a thread where everyone posts up pics of their cars and their mods. If everyone could just go and re-edit their original post whenever they add something or make their cars look different it would give us a way to create a catalog of the aus forum rides. Don't know if you guys are going to like this idea or not but I yet again have uni exams so i thought this is a good way to spend my procrastination period.

I would like to urge that comments etc be kept out of this thread so that this thread can remain simply a catalog.

Cheers Maddy

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Well here are my mods, I think 70% was done my the previous owner in japan thus why i am not sure about all mods. Its a 1990 GTO, just wanted a car that looks like sex and half decent in the straights and twisties, has cost me a bit but enjoyed it cos our cars look so much better and far more unique than supra/gtr etc. Believe it or not but havent ever randomly been pulled over by the boys in blue, i emphasize the word randomly.

High flowed turbos td04 ( i think)
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Cams (custom grind)
450cc injectors (i think)
Iridium NGK plugs
AR 8mm Triple Core Spark leads
3’ turbo back lightweight single shot
K&N xl filter (Specific to GTO’s)
Hybrid twin core intercooler with custom black metal piping
Blitz bov
Apexi RSM-II and speed limiter delete
Blitz turbo timer
Greddy Profec II Spec B ebc
gearbox (Fully rebuilt)
Hardened output shaft
Exedy Cushion button Heavy duty Clutch
Ecu remapped (custom flash somehow?)
Lightened and balanced flywheel
Tien fully adjustable coilovers all round
Ziet 18x9f and 18x10r lightweight wheels
Whiteline strutbar (modified)
Project KICS Wide wheel Hub kit
Rear spoiler delete
Genuine Veilside bodykit
Cusco underbody chasis cross members
Full PIAA headlight conversion
PIVOT Pop-up headlight Controller
RAZO alu pedals
MOMO steering wheel
MOMO gear knob
shift shortener kit (of some form)
Brand new transfer case
and a couple of small

No real clue what I am running atw since i havent dynoed it recently, dont particularly care as its plenty fast at the lights :p estimate would be around 250-300awkw


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1990 Mitsubishi GTO, Jet Black

Mitsubishi 6G72TT, 3.0L twin turbocharged V6 DOHC


HKS Air filter, CX Racing Front Mount Intercooler kit, HKS Super Sequential Blow off Valve

Chiptorque XEDE computer

Modified BBP Racing downpipe, High flow catalytic converter, 3” cat-back exhaust split into dual 2 ½” exhausts with hotdogs and a pair of twin 3” dumpers.

Rebuilt Getrag 5 Speed Manual and transfer case, 18 Spline 300M output shaft, Maximal Performance Transfer case bracket, Exedy Heavy Duty Cushion Button clutch, Redline oils.

Brakes and Suspension:
GAB Heavy Duty Suspension, 3SX adjustable rear control arms, stock brakes

Wheels and Tyres:
19” Chrome Dolce DC 12 rims with 235/35 tyres

AM Stelung Steering Wheel, Sony 7” LCD DVD player, Clarion 6” Splits, Pioneer 6x9’s, Cadence 4 channel Amp, US Audio D Class Amp, US Audio 12” Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer, Capacitor, Custom boot install, Tinted windows, 3SX pillar gauge pod, Saber Smokey lens Boost and Temp gauges.

Aftermarket Front Lip, 3SX Hood Vents.

Current power output:
188.6kw at all 4 wheels @ 13PSI

Just purchased 550cc injectors and Walbro fuel pump via our buy from 3SX. Once thats put in and tuned properly looking for the 220awkw mark. Also looking at changing the rims, liked the chrome when I first purchased the car but over it now.

Twin Turbo
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1990 GTO TT - Just rolled over to 100k kms

Engine and turbos stock
K&N panel filter
Blitz bov
Platinum plugs
3rd gen lifters
Polished aluminium Y-pipe
RL oil for all gear oils
Just found out i'm running a 92+ transfer case
Exedy Heavy Duty Full Face Organic clutch

19"x8.5" unknown brand wheels [already on the car]
King Springs
DBA slotted & cross drilled rotors front and back
Cusco rear strut brace
Ultimate Performance front strut brace
Razo gear knob
Falken FK452 245/35/19 rubber
Rear upper adjustable camber arms [still in the box LOL]

Narva headlamp upgrade kit
6000K HIDS
LED parkers

Kenwood headunit with USB
Kenwood speakers front and rear
1500W Sony 12" sub in ported box
Audiobarn 400W mono block amp [running sub]

The car the day I got it.

Aussie Bloke
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Rays Engineering, Volk Racing 18" Rims
Ebay Turbo back exhaust
K&N Air intake
Greddy Profec B Spec II Electronic Boost Controller.
Hand Held Halo Data Logger.

GTO's a happening
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1993 Pearl White GTO


GT2781R turbo's, Haltech E11 V2 ecu
Custom manifolds, downpipe and dumps
Custom plumbing + FMIC
Custom cold air box
CP Pistons, (8:1) Pauter rods and 2nd Gen forged crank
Engine rebuilt and machined - Stage 3 heads
Blitz DUAL Solenoid EBC

Supra fuel pump, 780cc injectors, hotwire kit, KB BAP, AEM AFPR & eK2 fuel loop

Southbend DXD-FE clutch + orthodox flywheel, 2pce CFDS, LSE SS T-Case front & mid housings + 300M 18 spline OS

Intrax lowered springs
Rear Cusco strut brace
Enkei RPF1 rims 18 x 8.5 all round
Slotted DBA rotors front, stock rears
Battery relocated to rear

99 Combat wing

Eclipse Stereo + in dash cd stacker

That's about all I can think of.


On again Off again
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Pretty Much Back to Stock like this :(:

Was like this: Wingless, coilovers, Twin exhuast.

New rim I picked up :D:

My Sig has what I have / will be getting next 6 months or so

Last few weeks have been stocking up on parts, which will probably go in all at the same time.

Back in Black
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pretty much stock 1990 model gto, running 10psi boost and no other mods engine wise. 18' Volk Racing III rims and Tein flex coilovers all round, plus some darker tint is all the non standard parts added. No mod plans in the future at this stage except maybe an exhaust if i can be bothered.


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1996 GTO MR
Lowered on KYB coils and shocks
CXRacing front mount intercooler
Autopwr (ebay) aluminium radiator
Apex-1 cat back exhaust
South bend stage-3 OFE clutch
19" rims


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1992 Aus Delivered 3000gt TT

Only Mods are the 18" Gmax Rims and Toyo Rubber, plates and GTO rear garnish which im replacing with the 3000gt one as soon as im bothered to order one. besides that its stock right down to the 92 factory fitted mobile phone.


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1997 GTO MR
Mods i have done are BLUE
HKS Dual intake air filter
Kakimoto Racing *R 3" cat back exhaust
Hi Flow Cat
Aluminium racing radiator
After market heavy duty clutch unsure what type
KYB Coilovers
18" Super Advans 245/40 rubber
Kenwood head unit
Alpine Amp + 3 x 6" sub box
APEXi Boost gauge
Razo turbo timer
Momo steering wheel
Razo Racing pedals
Gear knob and boot
Electric Sun roof
Plates MR-97-TT

Future mods:
Front mount intercooler
3SX style bonnet

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Update of my car (new wheels)...

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