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i am trying to install a newly rebuilt tranny in my SOHC stealth. I'm running into problems, I am using the Special Bolts (short 17mm with the start on the top) to bolt the torque converter to the flex plate (the t looking thing attached to the motor) the bolts go in a little ways and then seem to bind up, but when i backed them out to look at them, they look OK, as in not stripping. I am hoping that they are doing this just b/c it's cold out.
second problem... when i am tightening these bolts down, I am turning th motor over with them... should it be that east to turn the motor over? I can lie under the car and spin the motor with the torque converter by hand... is this right?

I hoping I am doing this all right, I am bolting the TC up to the flex plate, and then slide the bell housing over the TC and bolt up and connect everything. How do i chck the tranny cooler to make sure it's not clogged?
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