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Attn: Akira!

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Hey Rob - are you still in Huntsville?? I'm going there the week after thanksgiving for a NASA compliance audit. I will be in town for a week, fly in on Sunday night and leave Friday afternoon. I will probably be able to get out for a night or two during the week depending on how "out of compliance" they are :) You're finally over 21 right! LOL Do you have all of the strip clubs staked out yet??

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Yup. I'm still out here. I'll definately be down here the week after thanksgiving. Yes, I'm FINALLY 21 now, too. We'll definately have to get some drink on :D. I'm PMing you my cell so you can give me a buzz..

Got it! Sounds good - I'll give you a call in a couple weeks when I'm out there.:cool:
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