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Also here is wraith's reply:

I checked last night and my harness was already plugged into the unit. This harness has two audio pre-outs and an RF-out and speaker level outs and a few wires for remote out, a couple grounds, and two power leads. The unit itself has audio pre-outs and video inputs/outputs, so the extra pre-outs on the harness may be an indication that its not right. However, the harness plugs into the back with a rectangular plastic plug with about 1-dozen pins on it (plug side is female). I'll send it to him if we are sure its for his unit and not mine---what does his harness look like?? I also recieved a separate set of rcas for video and audio (3-pairs) and the correct harness to plug the screen into the player. Let me know if you need a pic--I will e-mail a J-peg of it
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