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Att: Dominick

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Saw your car last night in a lot at least I think it was your car...gotta love those chromies :)
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Hey, you go to Hofstra? Im meeting up with Dom over thanksgiving, you should meet us at hofstra.
No I don't go to Hofstra, I went to Bogarts and I parked in that lot...I would definitely meet up with you guys over Thanksgiving break, I won't have my car as it's not registered or insured now but I'd still like to come hang out. Let me know. By the way, did you go to North Shore HS? One of my friends went there...she's a senior now at Hofstra.
Yeah thats cool, come hang out with us...

Yeah I went to North Shore High did you know that? Well anyway, whats your friends name...i probable know her..
Haha how come I only saw this thread now. Dustin do you have AIM? Whats your name email it to me. [email protected]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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