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I purchased a stainless kit from inline tube for around 200 They fit very good with just a slight mismatch going around the passenger side strut tower to the ABS unit. With just a bit of work I massaged the bends and am very happy with them. They use a cloth braided cover instead of rubber like oem where they tend to rub. SO as long as your not going for the OEM resto look I feel they are a great option. I am damm good at bending brake lines but sure didnt want to tackle all those bends.
I did the clutch line in the OEM type poly green coated and that was enough.
When I talked to them about the lines they also offer in steel but not the green poly coat- just regular tin/zinc steel.

They sure arent worth taking a chance with. As soon as I see that poly bubbling up like in the pictures its time to chage them out. When you need to stop that sinking feeling in your chest and the pedal hits the floor when you jam on it sucks. I was working on a 64 Cadillac my buddy got from Vermont, it had sat for years in a garage with a dirt floor. We drove it back to NJ and about a mile from his place he had to hit the brakes real hard as a guy ran the intersection and that big tank never slowed down....

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