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Apexi N1 or Xtec??

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I have a 94 base 3000GT and I was wondering which of these two exhausts would sound the best and also be the best for performance wise?? Are the N1's only for our turbo cars or will they also work on my N/A without loosing any backpressure?? Thanks in advance for the help!!
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The N-1's will be a universal application. So you'd have to get piping made.

They come in turbo and n/a universal applications.

so since I have an N/A I should probably get the Apexi N/A??? Or can I get the turbo one?? or would I loose low end power with the turbo apexi??
Go with the n/a universal. I plan to do the same soon as i get the cash. but you shouldnt lose lowend since the cat and dp will keep most of the backpressure. dont quote me on this, but thats the theory i have heard.
I've got the apex n1's on my n/a and I didn't notice any low end loss. If anything, I gained power throughout the powerband. I still have my cat and stock downpipe, so the back pressures still there. O yeah they sound pretty badass too.
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