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apex'i EGT for sale

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selling my apex'i egt (if I ever get it back from apex as I sent to to robocar for warranty) for $100. Pls. beware as this unit is a little defective. The readings are fine but the needle is lose thus I sent it back for warranty but apexi denied it because of the condition of the probe???? what's the probe gotta do with the lose needle in the gauge? that's why I am selling it so cheap...I am sure some electric guru here can open it and fix the darn thing. pls. email me at [email protected] if you are interested.


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White face? If so, I'll take it. Any pics at all. Model number? Age?
Thanks in advance
Is the probe included and is it still good?
unfortunately, it's the black face with the EL lighting...I'll give you everything you need to get it hooked up in your car...the list is:
probe and probe fitting
wire and harnesses

Things you have to get at home depot include a 1/8NPT tap and a strong magnet to get the shavings out of the exhaust manifold...that's it

I'll let you know when I get the gauge back from apex'i.

the gauge is accurate and works with it's peak/hold/memory function stilll intact...only problem is that the needle is lose...dunno if it's a mechanical or electrical problem...i.e. if I shut the doors the needle moves up or down depending..that's it and apexi failed to warranty it giving me a cheap excuse: oh we can't warranty it due to the condition of the probe...hello the problem is the freakin meter...well, I'll keep you all posted


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Let me know when you get it back. I'll take it.
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