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Apexi AVC-R for sale!!!!!!!

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Apexi AVC-R for sale. I bought it from fastawdtt. Well, I traded him my s-afc and 50 bucks for it. A guy in town wrecked his gs-x. I just bought his s-afc and avc-r. I am a certified member of paypal with a confirmed address. I have sold my stock rims and gutted cat here before. I haven't installed his avc-r yet, but he says it works great. e-mail me offers at [email protected] This is my REAL e-mail address. :D
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is this the digital one?? If it is I am interested.. how much
I think it;s the digital one. (It's in the mail)It should be here tommorrow. I'll let you know.
I'm interested also if it'd the digital one with the blue display.

Yes it's the digital one.
How about an asking price??
you've all got mail
you've got mail
It is sold to david chen. If he don't come through, I'll let you all know. Thanks.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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