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anyone use silblades ??

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These look great - not too ricey but could really add a nice touch. Do they work well though ??
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I have them. Just the standard black, they look like any other wiper.

They work very well in hard rain. They don't like fine mist, they will tend to drag unless you have the windshield surface very clean (I polish it about once a quarter with glass polish and this helps).

1994 VR4

Hmmm I'm asking because my washer fluid pump doesn't even hum when I try to spray fluid. I need something that lasts through the winter without getting eaten up, and looks good. Do you think they're any better than walmart wipers ?? And what kind of glass polish do you use ?
The quality of the Silblade wipers is very good. They hold up better than conventional rubber wipers.

I use Zaino glass polish. Griot's also makes a glass polish. I use Griot's windshield cleaner for routine glass cleaning.

I also treat the windows (exterior) with Eagle One's 20/20 Rainguard, a product similar to RainX.

For washer fluid I blend Griot's washer fluid concentrate with RainX concentrate washer fluid additive and in the winter Prestone Windshield Melt.

1994 VR4
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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