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Anyone tried a Bomex wing on a Stealth??

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How do u think it will look like on a Stealth?? The distinguish RT lights will be partly covered... :(

I'm actually looking for something like this... but dunno how much custom work needs to be done to fit it on our car...

Someone make me a duck wing!! :(
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Duck Wing all the way man... just for the hatch part... like a ovaled off wing, that just attaches to the hatch and nothing more...
I'd do it.. but I still trying to learn corners.. :(

Did you get your seat rails yet? The rails area available... just the sliders have been on "back order" for years now.. :mad:
Corbeau's might work though... ;)
your putting a new wing on the stealth?? i thought you going to store it and throw the keys away ;)

have you thought about bringing the stealth to Taiwan?? i am not sure about their emission control restriction but its not entirely impossible if your dad is A. ) a government official B.) have lots of money C.) know someone who is a government official and have lots of money

ah...i should have introduce you to these nice folks i met in taiwan. this guy i know brought a prelude back from the states, and a year later made his wife carry back a turbo kit for it. last time i heard from him was when he was planning on dropping a supra engine into an Aristo ( gs300 ). he got the engine imported from japan to taiwan for US$7,000 . haven't heard about anything yet though. from what he told me there are several supras and skylines somewhere..they snuck them in from japan as well.

one thing is for sure, its only 3 hr flight to tokyo from taipei, and you can also go to HK to see some cool Evo racing in the mountains. :eek:
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How bout something like this:
GTO bottom picture
the white rps13 180sx
something close to the 180 and GTO(without the stock wing,only the carbon fiber piece) and have the body shop smooth it out a little on left and right side,just a little wind deflector on the trunk!:D

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