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Anyone seen the movie K-PAX?

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curious on your thoughts about the movie. I liked it but could see where some might not. maybe i need to rent it and watch it again in a few months? hmmmm
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I cant justify going to see a movie..its like 10 bucks now and thats without popcorn or soda..just a major rip off. Ill just download the DivX or rent it when it comes out.

I liked it. I like the way it left conclusions to the audience to make. I think that might be the reason some people don't like it though.
Good plot, good twists, good direction, good cast.
Note: I saw a special on E! about K-Pax and Kevin Spacey actually did eat that banana, not fake. Actually it took like 8 takes, so he ate 8 bananas. He said he was on a potasium high for 3 days. Pointless trivia, but I thought it was interesting.
I saw the movie Friday night. It was very good in my opinion. It deserved number 1 for the weekend but still managed a 2.
Good acting, good plot....and yes it does leave you guessing.

I haven't seen it, but plan too. Of course I don't have to pay $10 to get into a movie. Hell, with me and my g/f and buying popcorn/drinks, it's still only about $10 total. Guess that's one of the FEW good things about living in a little ******* town: movies are still $1. $1 for matinee, $2 for after 7:00.
The foley artists had a little too much time for the banana scene. Eating a banana doesn't sound like you're eating a cucumber :).
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