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Anyone have Kumho v700 VICTORACERs or Ecstas?

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Anyone have Kumho v700 VICTORACERs or Ecstas? I am considering one of these tires for next years SCCA Solo2 season. What kind of tread life have you gotten from them? Do they stick as good as they look like they would?
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I just got some Kumhos and so far so good... a LOT better than my old tires. And from my previous thread they'll supposidly get better once I get about 500 miles on them.
I just put on some Ecsta 712's (245/40/18) and haven't had a chance to auto-x them yet BUT I went into a parking lot last night and visually scoped out a medium-sized, decreasing radius turn that was similar to one at our last auto-x.

I set myself up just like in the last race and I am estimating I could go thru it at about 50% faster. And I'm not exaggerating. I remember last race I was plowing thru the curve at around 20mph... well I was taking this curve easily at 30mph, probably could have pushed it to 35.

I can't WAIT until next season!!
I wish they did Auto-Xs around here! :mad:

I've got Rockingham about an hour away but what fun is drag racing in an automatic FWD non turbo car for 15 seconds at a time? :p
I want to go on a road course... or even the "real" Rockingham track so I can find out what my top speed is :D
Or maybe I'll just buy a radar detector and go break the law... lol ;)
Ok, I did neglect to mention that I went from



So there's BOUND to be a difference. LOL

Actually the tire didn't look like that until after the last run... these were old Gatorbacks and had about 1/8" tread left... but they disintegrated after I had my car driving with 2 drivers and they got a little too hot. LOL
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I think you've got a couple miles with the kumhos before they look like your old ones ;)
Theres an autocross in Columbus Indiana at an airport this Sunday if you want to get one more day in this year. I am hoping to make it my first X. There is a map here
I will be there by 9am or so. I have been told I will be the only 3S car there. I am going to run in the stock class.
Oh, man I wish I could... I already have plans but I'd be there if not.

It says "fun event", what's the format (out of curiosity)??
I have no clue. I will find out Sunday I suppose.
The Victoracers won't last long for daily driver. They are a DOT approved race tire, and have almost as much traction as a pure race slick. My daily tires are the Exsta 712's, and I am pretty happy with them, but I run Hoosiers for autoXing, because I could never get the Exsta's to hook up, I was always pushing bad. I would sure like to try a set of Victoracers for autoXing, but my Hoosiers will last one more season, so they are at least one year off. If you are planning on doing a lot of autoXing getting a set of DOT approved race tires will pay off in the long run, and they also make the car more predictable, and easier to drive when the car is at its limit.

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I love my Supra 712s. I have had them for about 2,000 miles (no strip/a-cross wear) and they still look new.
So do the DOT race tires keep you street tire rated or do they put you in the race tire rated class? I think I am going to get a set of the Victoracers for next season and see how they do.
As long as they are DOT, you stay in Stock class... which I think is the biggest bullschnict ever. Heck, I can't put a cone intake (what, 5 horsepower on a car that's already overpowered compared to its handling?) and stay in stock, but I can get hella-sticky tires and stay in stock. Just not right, IMO.

There's a guy in F-stock with a camaro and Hoosiers, he consistantly wins by 3-4 seconds. Yes he's a good driver but not THAT good. That's why I'm going to FSP next year (our cars move down to F-Stock next year), so I don't get beat by this guy every time.

Oh, one other comment about my new Kumhos... you can tell a tire has good "stickyness" when you are driving down the road and little rocks are banging around in your wheel wells. I have NEVER had that happen in ANY car... but last night I noticed it in my car with the 712's on. Felt like a race car driver. LOL
I am making sure I stay in stock class for my first season. I will be in the GS class. I will definitely get the Victos if they will make that much difference.
Changing to F-Stock?

Why? Isn't that moving down in classes and competing with crappier cars? Unless they are redoing the whole thing? I thought F-Stock was full of Integras and crap like that?

I'm an Auto-X newbie so maybe I'm wrong, I just read the classifications the other day and they seem to be down for maintenance right now...
Well, F-Stock isn't really "moving down" too much. The letters don't represent the levels (ie. B-stock is much slower than F-stock). We'll be against most of the RWD V-8 cars.. the F-bodies, etc.

Yes, they are re-doing most of the classes, even adding a couple classes.
haha, dude, you are right on with that comment about little rocks hitting the underside of your car. The kumho's do that, and so do yokahama avs sports and a520's. The stock michelin's did not, and incidentally, i thought they sucked bigtime. But driving on gravelly drives kinda sucks, sounds like you are damaging something with the rocks.
ntenz said:
But driving on gravelly drives kinda sucks, sounds like you are damaging something with the rocks.
I hate that sound for that very reason hehe... I'm just waiting for once of those little rocks to take some paint with it as a trophy ;)
I personally feel that the stock twin turbo 3S's should be an F stock car. The car is classed as A stock, and is outclassed by Porsche Carreas, and non ZO6 Vettes. This car is closer to newer firebirds, and Z28's, and they are classed in F stock, and fast times are very close to A stock. ZO6 vettes are classified in SS(super stock), and dominate the class. Any DOT tire(a few exceptions) is legal in the stock classes. If you have any engine upgrades, you will be classed as a SM(street modified) car, and that is the class I run in. Again, any DOT tire is legal, and you will need sticky tires to be competitive, engine modifications are unlimited, and any suspension as long as it is attached to stock mounting points. I am running a stock suspension, and I am running about 2 seconds slow to be competitive in AS, FS, or SM(very close times for all 3 far), but I don't consider myself a real good driver. The SM class has a lot of potential to beat most of the fast prepared and modified classed (full race slicks, full race suspension) cars, it is just going to take a couple of years to figure out how to hook all of the drag race horsepower up to a tight autoX course.

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