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Hi All

took some minor damage.. transport spit a hugh chunk of something at me (though it was ashpalt but it seemed a little too big and it flew a bit too fast for it to be ashpalt)... it hit the hood.. tried to dodge it but I was in heavy traffic at 120 kp/h...

anyhow the damage is done.. I was wonder if anyone has any touch up painting tips?

Don't suppose there's a pro shop that does minor touchups in the Toronto/Waterloo area ??

the scratches are small but deep.. I can see silver metal..

I had a touch up paint canister but I think its a bit old so I figure I'll get a new one..

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Sorry to hear that 'bout your car, man. If you can see metal, the whole thing's gonna have to be repainted. But, if that is not a feasible option, get a bottle of touch-up paint.

1) Clean the area and buff out any light scratches or marks in the affected area with a very fine polishing compound - like Meguiar's Show Car Glaze.

2) Apply the touch-up paint with a pin or something of the sort. If it is a broad scratch, use the brush. Try not to get any air-bubbles in the paint. Apply a thin layer at a time, each time allowing it to dry. (completely!)

3) Reapply a thin coat until the height of the touch-up area is slightly above the paint. (Do this like 5 or 6 times, allowing the paint to dry completely each time.)

4) After all has dried (should take a few days), buff the area down until it is even with the rest of the paint.

5) Typically, touch-up spots dry to a darker finish than the rest of the car, so while touch-up is not perfect, at least it prevents rust on your car and looks more decent than a metallic blemish.

Good Luck.

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I don't suppose the paint in this old bottle of touch paint would have lost a bit of luster due to age and thus look a little more like the paint on the car ??

or getting a new bottle would be better ?

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No, paint ages after it is dry, and then exposed to UV and the environment. It it has not dried out, and has not separated (i.e. has a good consistency), it should be fine. Also protect it from freezing. Don't try to apply paint in cold weather, it won't stick. Do it in a heated garage.

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That all looks like sound advice. Not having a lot of experience in body work, I wonder what kind of risk you take when buffing the paint and if you could possibly rub an area too thin. <img src="" align=right> I had a friend that purchased a `72 MGB, rather rescued it from rotting away in this guy's field. It actually had a sappling growing up through the popped hood.

Anyhoo, we gutted the car and tried to find out exactly how many panels we had to replace. Both floor boards were rotted out, and it had at least 20lbs of bondo crammed here and there. The previous owner was an artist. He'd get a ding in his door and instead of having it popped out he'd bondo it. Crushed rear quarter panel? Nothing a bucket of ol' BONDO couldn't handle!

We think the car lost 800 lbs between the three paint jobs and the caked on plaster. Crazy!
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