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anyone going through chillicothe ohio?

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i was going down 104 through chillicothe toward columbus a couple weeks ago. i pulled up next to a guy in a green 3000GT (looked like a 95 or so). i ask him if it was a VR4 and he said no it was a single turbo set up. i noticed he had a toy barn sticker on the side of it. btw - the toy barn is a place in columbus that sells bad ass cars. anyway we started going down 104 and the dude punches it and passes me and a van in front of me. i mean this mofo took off. was that someone on here?
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i know right were you are talking about but ive never heard of a single turbo n/a around here before. i see n/a's all the time but ive only seen one vr4 in the past year around here--a black 97 that is up in dublin. i think the dude is crazy. toybarn sells some NICE cars but rarely are they modded. last time i was there they had a gorgeous 97 supra tt 6spd inside that lasted all of 2 days. most are more "high end" cars like porsches, ferraris, lotus's, and such. im gonna call up there tomorrow cuz i know a salesman just for kicks but i know what hes gonna say.
cool, your going to have to let me see your ride sometime. i have seen a VR4 in person once. never riden in one. but i don't know what that dude had in his car. maybe he was just saying that and it was really a VR4. because it sounded MEAN and it took off like a bat out of hell. and he had 3 people in the car!
Where in Columbus is the Toy Barn? What kind of cars do they have there? I have seen one VR4 in my life, but never rode in one.

says the toy barn is at:
5100 Post Rd
Dublin, OH 43017-1118
name pretty much says it all. mostly exotic cars. my buddy didnt know anything about the 3000 and says they havent even had a vr4 there since hes been there so who knows. that type of place prolly wouldnt even sell a base or sl so i dunno. but i do know a chick that works there that drives a mustang gt with a toybarn sticker and she didnt buy the car there. maybe the guy knows someone that works there or something. or it very well could have been a vr4 with no badge--ive contemplated that just for kicks. "its a fwd base model with a bad idle and some damn high-pitch noise when i shift" :D :D

and youre gonna have to wait til spring but ill give ya a ride sometime no prob. take it easy,
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