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anyone else have problem w/shift knob????

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i just bought one of those shift knobs that light up red at auto zone. and went to put it and and, of course it doesn't fit. this isn't the first shift knob that i have bought that doesn't fit. what dimensions do we need? is my shift boot on not right or something? because it fits around the metal it just doesn't go down far enough.
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no offense, but good
wtf does that mean???? all i need to know is the dimensions for a shift knob!!! i dont' know much about them sorry, damn.
I think he meant good as in those knobs are ugly. I'm not so sure about dimensions for the shifter knob. Is the knob just too big or small to screw on? B/C I think that all shifter knobs are approx. the same size in terms of the threading.
lostboi said:
no offense, but good
(chuckles to self) :D
[email protected] - it actually fits on it but it doesn't go down far enough. so there is like alot of visible bare metal. it definetly doesn't look right. its like my shift boot is too short or something. if you know what i mean.
mine didnt go down all the way either. the boot is made to catch the metal right where the stock knob ends. i rigged up a little system using various parts from my drum set to keep the boot up(damn, i could be the next mcguiver. lol). but i dont think u have the same drum set, so get used to seeing bare metal. :D
the socket on the shift knob cant be as deep as they usually are as there's the wiring and neon tube. you can just buy some black leather and stitch your own shift boot to accomadate the new knob
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