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anyone else get a glitch like this on GT3?

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After playing for ever I decided I would buy a supra to see what it could do. I souped it up to the max on everthing possible (tires, transmission, engine and turbos, even suspension and brakes), and ended up with over 1000hp. When I took it to the test track the best times I could run in the 1/4 were 12.xx sec I tried changing the gear ratios and everything but nothing is working. I know it should be a hell of a lot faster. Anyone else experience this?
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I've seen real-life 1000 hp Supras run 12s :D

It's a little thing called "wheel spin". No traction + peaky powerband = no pretty 1/4 mile times. It's not a glitch. You just can't launch ;)
There's no wheel spin man. That's what is so odd about it.
Turn off Traction Control :p :p :p :p :p
take off that wussy stuff called "traction control" and "auto stability management." then you can try to launch without wheelspin :D

use the analog buttons to your advantage and (almost) always remove TC and ASM!!!!!!

GT3 Fiend,
Kevin Umbreit ;)
I don't use the traction or stability management controls when actually racing. And I've tried the supra without it also. But no one has answered my question. Why such crappy times, espescially with the traction control on?
it reduces your throttle input so that you don't get wheelspin.
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