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Anybody Heard of This Recall?

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'97 to '99 SL wheels. The chrome ones. I heard of a guy getting a new set from Mitsu dealer. The chrome ones on my SL are chipping and bubbling around the lug area. Rechroming is too expensive considering what aftermarkets cost.

I'd love a new set under warranty or recall.

Anybody know about this?

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It is actualy a recall or just something they are willing to do for you?
I haven't checked with the dealer yet. Been too busy to get away from work. I just heard of this from another guy and he did get 4 new wheels. I don't know if it's a recall or not. I was just checking the board to see if anybody else had heard of this.

I'll be going over there next week as I've got a check engine light that just came on and it's still under waranty. Lots of miles left before 36,000 :D

I'll post the results for any others who may have the same problem.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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