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Anybody else's gas prices really cheap right now?

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At Quik Trip in my town ( Belton, MO) we got 87 @ $1.08 and 91 @ $1.24!!!:eek:

Anybody getting it cheaper?
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Damn, good prices! I beleive 91 octane is still right at $2.10-$2.20 per gallon here in Sacramento. And that is actually not too terrible a price considering the flucuations this year.
Dang!!! your prices are outrageous! I think the reason prices keep falling is because no one is travelling much, be it via air, train or roads, because of what happened on 9/11:( . Who would've thought that prices would go down when we are at war?
93 Octane was about $1.29 when I saw it earlier today (or was it $1.34? I forget)
93 @$1.19 at Marathon. needless to say, my tank is full
93 octane?! Dang, I gotta drive 27 miles just to get 92 octane.
92 @ $1.169!!! Too bad I can't use it in my car. I can use it in the SL and Jeep though :)
matt92vr4 said:
92 @ $1.169!!! Too bad I can't use it in my car. I can use it in the SL and Jeep though :)
Why can't you use it in your car?

I've got [email protected] per gal
Why can't you use 92? Also, doesn't your Jeep say "Premium fuel only" on the dash or owner's manual? My dad's truck is a Dodge Ram SS/T with a 360, and it says that.

Our 93 octane is $1.39 right now, down from $1.49.
Ryououki said:
93 octane?! Dang, I gotta drive 27 miles just to get 92 octane.
They changed all of the 92 to 91 where I was in Cali. :(
You can buy 110 Leaded for $3.50 at the gas stations here. 100 Unleaded is $5.00. 20% Nitromethane is $20.
I tanked up the VR-4 day before yesterday with 93 octane @ $1.15. Yeasterday I tanked up the GSX with 93 octane @ $1.14. :)

Same station. Same gas. Prices are dropping and so is my right foot. It's easier to enjoy the cars a little more when the prices on fuel are lower. BTW, 87 octane is hovering between $.96 - $.99. :eek: I want a car that can run on cheap gas and still perform! Looks like it's time to dig out the Camaro...
ukyo up on 20 & 85 QT has 87 for $.89!!!
I filled up the other day and it was 1.19 for 93.
Yup its getting almost time to check the gas prices again hehe
In Houston, Texas:

87 octane regular at 97.9, works just fine in my truck.

93 octane premium at 1.03.9 for the cars, my tanks are full. :D
93 @ $1.23 here... but, OPEC is meeting in November... so let's enjoy it while we can, the prices may go up again then
Damned ******* gas stations in my town. People are still guzzling gas in my county like nothing ever happened. So the gas stations are probably getting cheaper gas, but the prices are still at $1.24/1.34/1.44 (93). Sucks. I mean it's better then the all time high I saw around here @ $1.59/.69/.79 (93) but hell. I can drive 30 minutes and get it for $1.09. *sigh* Damned money hungry ********.
Wow, and you'll notice no "bitch threads" about the price of gas. I never expected this to happen. Especially in the MIDWEST which got hit the hardest when the prices went up.

My story, last week I bought 93 for $1.159, they were changing the sign to $1.399!!! So yesterday I'm thinking "hmm, low on gas..." and I went by the same station and it was $1.179.

89octane is $1.049 at the same place. I can't believe the prices in Ukyo's area! Holy cow!

FYI, prices above are at the Mobil stations in Elkhart. One on Cassopolis St, the other on Bristol.
I filled up the other night, 87 octane was $1.039 and 93 was $1.139.
Cheap gas

I notice yesterday one gas station has 87 octane for $0.99 and the line is long.

This is good news 4 all the gas gussler vehicles.

I think I'm going to move down to Ukyo's neck of the woods!!

I gassed up my Jeep last night at a little Appco station out in the country-- 93 Octane and $1.32. That place is always the cheapest because it's the only one around here that isn't inside any city. Everywhere else the 93 is $1.39.
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