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I'm hesitant to post this as I have not submitted for seller privileges yet but am curious if this may help others. To be clear, I am not currently offering anything for sale.

Turns out I have a number of small speakers in my possession that are near identical to the factory first gen (non-infinity) dash speakers, the main difference is a poly cone vs the factory paper cone. I put a pair in the 95 (infinity system) yesterday morning to test them out and so far have been pleased. This entailed 3d printing a mounting ring (factory ones are far too brittle to reuse,) soldering in a capacitor and swapping over the factory grill and harness.

So my question, would there be any interest in these as drop in (swap the grill and go) replacements at a $20-25 shipped price point? (Maybe less, I haven't priced caps or harnesses.)
Again, nothing is for sale. I'm only curious if this is a waste of my time or not. Give me your honest opinion.
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