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Any Guitar players out there??

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I've been playing for awhile (at least 6 years from what I can remember) on a decent acoustic cutaway (not solid top), but haven't really invested in a high end instrument. I play alot of acoustic grunge, blues, and even reggae at times.

Any advice on a good acoustic in the $500 range??? I've tested out some Larivee's and an Ovation, but haven't come across anything that is appealing within my price constraints. Any advice??
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Check out Musicians Friend. I don't know their web address though. They have lots of guitars, amps, processors, pedals, etc...And really good prices. I have gotten a guitar and an amp from them. Really good service too. Check 'em out.
I think its musicians

Yeah I've been playin for about 8 years now.
Sold my Gibson SG about a year ago:mad:
Man that guitar was fuckin awesome:)

Right now I play on a ibanez atl10 acoustic electric
with a martin pickup. I did a little custom work to
her. Had her for about 6 years now.

If I was spending $500 on an acoustic right
now I would get either a takamine or a
washburn..nice guitars.

Yeah musicians friend has a scratch and dent
section that can save you a few bucks...Thats
If you don't mind some minor flaws..Check it
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Search locally for used instruments as well. You can probably find a nice Takemine for around $500.
I find it interesting that you guys all recommend Takamines. I thought they had a bad repuation because they were imported, put together sloppily in Asian factories. Wouldn't it be wiser to try to find a Martin or Taylor, or do good Taks measure up in quality??
Musicians friend

I agree about Musicians Friend they have great prices! I picked up my ESP 7 string for 300 on sale last christmas time. I've been playing about 6 years and I love ESP's
redrocket---I play all acoustic stuff similar to what you play. Radiohead, Pearl Jam, STP, Jeff Buckley, and a lot more alternative, along with some classics like Van Morrison and Eagles.

The perfect guitar for you is an Ovation Balladeer model 1111 (deep bowl), just like Cat Stevens played, as well as every other 60's folk/acoustic rock singer. If you have a medium or thin bowl, it won't sound good, but the deep bowl 1111 is awesome for dropped tunings. When you play new Ovations at shops, their factory strings (Adamis) suck. They sound great wth D'Addario Phosphor Bronze in medium weight. You can't beat the bass projection. Don't worry that it isn't an acoustic/electric... just get a pickup and it'll sound great. I don't even use a pickup, I just mic the guitar and it sounds awesome.

Try to find a good used 1111. The old wood sounds great, and the detail of the older models is better. My guitar is a 1991 and it looks and sounds great.

Jamie has a 1999 Celebrity Deluxe (transparent blue with leaf-inlay sound holes and 24K gold hardware), and it sounds like ass next to mine.
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Screw acoustics, get a B.C Rich Warlock... best guitar ever
Priscoj said:
Screw acoustics, get a B.C Rich Warlock... best guitar ever
Ah the bc rich...but if you get one get an 80's model american made and not the base or NJ models.
Plus the 80's version was when BC rich was still part of the Bernie Richo Corp. and not this new company they have going on.

The new method for wood enrichment isn't really up to par with the way they did it in the 80's.
If you're gonna get an electric go with an ibanez 7 string....I would go with the floyd rose assembly, but it looks like alot of people are just going with the standard bridge these days.
Then you'll want to get either the Peavey ultra II or the 5150 mark 2 amp. Great distortion from those amps.

Been playing for 15 years here..but been awhile since I have seriously sat down and did anything. I'm only laughing because I had a Warlock bass in black (like Blackie Lawless from WASP played) and it got a lot of attention in the 80's when I was playing a lot of metal...but it started getting laughed at in the 90's when most bands were using beat up piece of shit Fender's and off brands that looked like they'd been dropped down the stairs and sounded worse. I thought it was a great bass too now I see they are making a "comeback". I always thought they were cool. I agree with Drew on the Ovation..but you were looking for cheap and Ovations generally cost well over $500 new. A Balladeer new will run you $895 (I'm looking in my Musician's Friend catalog right now). They have an Ovation Celebrity Deluxe acoustic electric in there now for $499 which isn't bad. Takemine IS a cheaper acoustic...but from my experience live with them you get the best sound and quality for your "new" dollar. My last guitarist used one live for the 8 years I've known him and it still plays great. Yamaha also makes a fairly decent acoustic for the money. The basses I have now (from L-R are Modulus Q4 with Bartolini soapbars, Dean Edge 6 (just sold that one actually), Yamaha RBX6 John Myung Signature 6-string, Samick fretless 4. I run it all through an SWR SM-500 with a 4-10 with horn and Big Ben 18" cabs. My neighbors are threatening a lawsuit...I can't help it if they got cheap windows:D :D . Drew, we need to get a drummer and play our next gathering man.
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Screw acoustics, get a B.C Rich Warlock... best guitar ever
HAHA - I always thought the Bitch (did they spell it Bich?) looked cooler than the Warlock and it would sound great to tell people you played a Rich Bitch.

Ian - Gibson Les Paul Lite and Les Paul Jr.
I will never give up my pearl white warlock, NEVER!!!!

I think I need a 7 string though...apparently I am supposed to tryout for limp bizkit (friend in the record biz), haha...the funny part is that I am serious.

Got a black yamaha electric acoustic...also got an Ibanez "S" series (Steve Vai) electric...JC:cool:
Washburn D10SB acoustic here. First guitar, cost me around 350 but sounds great for the price. Sounds much better than my friends' cheaper washburn (he bought it for $90.. but it's just the model below, retails for like 200 something I think). the guitar is very bassy which I like. I don't like the tin-sounding guitars.

My friend seems to think his sounds great though, he had it worked on (messed with the action and put on some elixirs) I think it still sounds like shit :) but it's easier to play
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