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I done fukked up my car just now. I am the biggest retard every to get into the driver seat of a Stealth. I was doing 100 on a frontage road about to get on the highway, when I started staring at the cars on the highway, and didn't notice the turn up ahead. Stupid me took out two of the little green posts with the little reflectors on top, and slid sideways down the hill to a stop. I jacked up my front driver's side fender, and the door. Most of the lower door panel fell off. Well, instead of just flat out paying for new parts, I thought about getting a body kit, since I was thinking of it anyway, before my brain went stupid. The fender really isn't that bad, just one big dent and one little one, except for the back edge near the door hinge, it has about a 2 inch cut in it. I don't know if that is repairable, but just in case, I want to know if any body kits would have this replaced. Even if there aren't, I've had some speculation on the body kits that are available. I have a 92 Stealth R/T TT, and it's not like any other 3000gt or newer Stealths on the front area. THe sidemarker light is on the same piece as the snake eye lense, and is shaped like a boomerang. I've seen where the kits say they are for 91-96 stealths, but does that include my R/T? All the other stealths have the seperate side marker piece, so I want to know if there are any good ones available before I try to start looking for a stock piece to replace my fuk up. Any help would be great, hopefully before I kick myself in my retarded ass.

92 Stealth R/T TT that is all jacked up now
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