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Any 3si'ers around the southern Illinois area

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Well?? I see quite a few go through town here but I don't think most of them live in town. Anyone live around the area.
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I live in Carbondale. :cool:
phat_3kgt said:
Well?? I see quite a few go through town here but I don't think most of them live in town. Anyone live around the area.
I think it would be more fair to say you are in central Illinois. "Southern" Illinois is more along the lines of the St. Louis area or farther south.

I'm actually in Bloomington/Normal right now at ISU. Wraith R/T AWD, David, also goes here. Jen (not on the board) has a 91 fiji blue modded 91 VR-4 and Dusty (also not on the board) has a green 96 Stealth.
West frankfort IS way south of St Louis. It is southern Illinois.
I've seen a Yellow 94+ VR4, Green 94+ base, Black 97+ SL, Red 94+ with silver stripe, and a white 97+ base all in carbondale at SIUC on a daily basis.

Damn do I want one!

A few stealths too but more 3KGTs. Seen a couple red stealths and first gen silver one.
look for me, i have a 91 ES, red, TT wheels, and usually a bra :)
I looked West Frankfort up on Mapquest and it said it was between Bloomington and Springfield along I-55. What a load of BS. That's the second time that Mapquest has screwed me over in the last 2 weeks. Two weeks ago I was trying to get to CDD VR4's house and it told me to get off one exit early and I could have sworn I had not taken that way to his house before. I go along the directions and it said at the end "You are now .4 miles from your destination." I was like....WTF am I? Well I found out that I had to go to the next exit up after wasting like 40 minutes trying to figure out where the hell I was supposed to go.

There was a guy at ISU a couple weeks ago that goes to SIUC and has a black 94 base 3000GT. I talked to him and he didn't give a shit about the car club and apparently not much for the car. He was staying with the guy that lives one room over from me. He said he's been in a couple wrecks in the car. I told him the car looks like shit. It was horribly dirty and I don't think he's cleaned it in the last month or two. I couldn't believe someone would let a car go like that. If you see that guy give him a good "#&@% you" for me ;)
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If any of you guys see me you can stop me or wave or something so I know who you are. I drive a 91 kind of gold/silver (pewter maybe?) 3000gt SL. Yeah, West Frankfort is defenately way south. Mapquest is screwy. Any of you guys modded yours?
phat_3kgt said:
Any of you guys modded yours?
Kind of a stupid question by me. Should have just looked at your sigs :p
well now i am currently in Carbondale. At the great school of Drunkenness......... Well i hope to see you guys around Southern IL.
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