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another exhaust question

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ok, i've searched this board up and down and think I've come up with my custom exhaust, but I had a couple of questions remaining...hopefully you experts came help me. I have a 94 3000GT N/A, want to keep my cat, run 2.5" piping from it into either Flowmaster 50 or Apex N1 mufflers. My questions...for deep, loud sound, what would you go with? And would you get one muffler or two? And what size tips? Thanks for everything.
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well i got N1's on my car and they are extremely loud but that might be because i have no cat. So they should be not as loud with a cat. If you go with N1's then you need 2 mufflers , I don't like the single side exhaust look. If you go with flowmaster then you just need 1 cause it will have 2 outlets that will become dual pipes. N1's already come with a tip so you wouldn't have a choice in size , but if you go with the flow master then i like the way the Toucan ractive 6 inch oval tips look. If you want the loudest possible exhaust then i would say go with N1's.:D
i have straight pipes and no cat, sounds great and love it. Borlas are bolt on, so what ever section i dont want, unclamp, replace and the best part is, When inspection time is due a simple unclamps and reclamp and its ready for testing, however i was able to get my car to pass with a high-flow cat and no mufflers Whoooha!!!
i put a flowmaster delta-flow 50 on my car, 3" in dual 2.25" out, dual tips for a near-stock look, almost identical to florida firefighter's exhaust. i am very happy with it altho it is a little louder than i would have liked it to be. i don't think it's as loud as n1 or tt exhaust, however. good luck with whatever you decide, safe travels.

- mike
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